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Complete Specials
This specially customized Safari package offers a great chance for those hunters who targets to collect as many as possible species during one expedition in Mongolia. You will have an ample opportunity to harvest a complete collection of 10 games including Altai ibex, Gobi ibex, elk, roe deer, black-tail and white - tail gazelle, brown bear, wild boar, wolf and lynx within 3 weeks only. Your wolf trophy will be provided as a complimentary trophy if it is taken during these hunts. You will hunt the Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert, the northern forest and the eastern plains.
Forest Specials
The forest specials offer another excellent "a la carte" opportunity for those who plan to collect all forest games at reasonable costs during a 2 week expedition in Mongolia. Species include maral stag, roe deer, bear, lynx and wild boar. Our complementary wolf trophy is included if taken during these hunts. You may wish to take optional upland bird shooting for cappercaille, black cock and partridges if season and weather permits.
White-tail Gazelle & Sandgrouse
This is an excellent add - on hunt easily combined with or extended to any of the our hunts. This package offers another opportunity to complete your Asian collections.
White-tail Gazelle & Grey Wolf
Two white - tail gazelle trophies are included in this arrangement, as well as one wolf, which are plentiful in the plains of Eastern Mongolia. It is great add - on to any other big game hunt in Mongolia.
Fishing Specials
The crystal clear rivers and lakes in Northern Mongolia boast a wide variety of the endemic Mongolian species such as taimen salmon, lenok, pike, Mongolian grayling, and arctic grayling. Landing a "Dandy" taimen salmon is the culmination of your fishing expedition in this far away country of friendly nomads. This package can be easily combined with any of the listed classic hunts.
Wing Shooting & Fishing Specials
The Great Lakes regions of the Western Mongolia offers a fascinating opportunity to experience shooting many common migrating birds, as well as such unique species as bean geese, red breasted, merganser, smew, pochards, falcated duck, eurasian widgeon, great cormorant, ruddy shelduck, sand grouse and daurian partridge. You will be hunting along the open shorelines and islands for shooting pass and into the sky. The fishing includes such as Altai osman. Mongolian grayling, khadary whitefish and Siberian ide.
Uplands Bird Shooting
Hunting a huge 7 - 10 pound capercaille (a pheasant size black grouse), "ruffled grouse" cousin to the hazel grouse and black cock in the upland region of Northern Mongolia is in exciting experience for groups of 4, 6 and 8 hunters. This package can be easily extended or combined with other hunts for elk, ibex and gazelle or wolf.
Gobi Specials
This is another brand new package which reveals an intriguing soft hunting adventure for collecting species in this legendary part of Mongolia. This collection includes Gobi Ibex, black - tail and white - tail gazelle and wolf. This is a best buy to enrich your Asian species within 2 weeks once you are in Mongolia.