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Travel to Mongolia
The expression Outer Mongolia was commonly compared with imaginary land of Timbuktu, thus people believing that one must have enormous courage and put together great efforts and resources to travel to this land. In contrast to that, today, given a wish, you'll reach Mongolia within 24 hours practically from every corner of the Earth.
Since the opening of MIAT Mongolian Airlines new direct route from Berlin and Frankfurt to Ulaanbaatar, it is absolutely safe and convenient to use this direct connection from Europe. It would take you only 8 hours to reach Ulaanbaatar from Europe. The main hunting season in Mongolia is during months from July to October.
Camp accommodations are in "gers", one of the best hunting camps you will ever experience. These sturdy tent like structures are very comfortable and serve as the traditional year - round living dwelling for nomads in Mongolia. Your ger will be furnished with spring beds, mattress, bedding, and wood burning stove. Hearty meals are prepared in camp by our camp chefs. Accommodations in Ulaanbaatar are professionally selected fine hotels.
Reservations, Deposits & Payments

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Contact your agent or Mongolei Reisen GmbH (MR) today at +49 3303 214552; E–mail to info@mongoliasafari.com; or fax at +49 3303 214554 to obtain further details and book your adventure.
Due to large demand and limited openings on our programs, booking well in advance is advised. $1000 non - refundable deposit is required to hold a hunt date. Safaris are booked and confirmed on receipt of 50% deposit on safari rate. Full payment is due 60 days in advance of the arrangement. Due to the nature of group travel, and the fact that firearms are carried, your itinerary must be handled by MR.
Firearms & Trophy Shipment

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Firearms: Hunters are allowed to take their own sporting firearms and ammunition into Mongolia. We will assist you in obtaining the necessary firearms permits. It is responsibility of every hunter to be fully acquainted with his/her firearms and that he/she practices shooting thoroughly before arrival. Average shooting distances are 150 - 200 m, long range shooting (250 - 300 m) may on occasions be required.
Trophy shipment: Your trophy will be caped out by your local guide. The clients are supposed to bring the trophies back as their luggage. More detailed information relating to the field care of trophies will be supplied upon booking the hunts.
All hunts are strictly fair chase and the species are wild animals roaming on the huge territory. MR (Mongolian Outfitter) will make every effort to ensure a successful hunt.
Postponed & Cancelled Safaris

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MR at its sole discretion retains the right to either accept or refuse a request to postpone a hunt. Deposits are non - refundable unless the client can be replaced. No refund will be made for cancellations less than 60 days prior to arrival in Mongolia. Cancellation insurance is highly recommended. Receipt of a deposit by the company as acknowledgement that you have read and do accept the terms and conditions herein.
Limited Responsibility

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The Company (MR) acts only as limited representative for clients or their agents in engaging the services of companies or other persons to provide transportation, lodging, tours, guides, and other travel related services. The Company and its employees are not principals, partners, agents, or operators of any airline, carrier, hotel, tour company, guide service, outfitter, or any other provider of travel services, and no provider should be considered to be an agent, employee, principal, or partner of the Company.
Neither Company nor its employees, officers, directors, agents, or affiliates will be responsible or liable for any loss, injury, death, or damage to any person or property (i) arising out of arrangements made on behalf of any person by the Company or (ii) caused by or arising out of travel or other activities undertaken as a result of such arrangements.
Each person who participates in travel or other activities arranged by the Company or its employees or agents does so at his or her own risk and assumes complete responsibility for the inherent risks and dangers associated with travel and other activities. Risks and dangers may be present at any time during person's participation in the travel or other activities arranged by the Company and include, without limitation: (a) adverse weather conditions and other hazards of nature; (b) strenuous physical activity; (c) accidents, whether related to travel, hunting, or other activities; (d) disease or other physical ailments; (e) contact with dangerous animals and insects; and (f) political or civil unrest.