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Argali Hunts
Bagging the Argali of Altai Mountains is the greatest dream of all sheep hunters. Legendary animal, praised in many books of avid hunters of the past (like by Elim Demidoff, Prince San Donato in his "After Wild Sheep In the Altai and Mongolia") and present (by Mr. Ricardo Medem, in his "Argali - High Mountain Hunting") alike, Altai Argali is the crown jewel of Sheep Hunter’s trophy rooms around the globe. Altai Argali is the biggest wild sheep in the world and without doubt the most beautiful and impressive of all wild sheep. Beside Altai Argali Mongolian Mountains offer magnificent Khangai and Gobi Argalis. We’ve been arranging these classic sheep hunts in the High Altai Mountains, the Khangai Mountains and the Gobi Altai Mountain areas since 1964. Our exclusive hunting packages have been tailored for the needs of the finest sheep hunters of the world. Our high success rate for trophies of the best quality is legendary.
Altai Ibex
The best value in ibex hunting is in the Altai Mountains. Historically, the largest ibex in Mongolia, measuring up to 53 inches, come from the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia. Most Ibex taken in the Altai Mountains are in the range of 40 - 45", with few trophies reaching record size of 50" each season. Success rates have remained greater than 100 percent throughout the season over the past 10 years. The quality of the trophy in the ibex hunt areas has been maintained at an exceptional high level.
Gobi Ibex & Black - Tail Gazelle
This sub specie of Siberian Ibex is found in the Gobi Desert. Special areas are used for this hunt where there are large concentrations of ibex and success is guaranteed. The plains surrounding the hunting areas are rich with black - tail gazelle, which is included in this hunt. Hunters fly to the Gobi Desert and ride 4WD vehicles to the camp.
Mongolian Elk
Mongolia is home to the world's largest elk concentration and has emerged as prime site for trophy "bull elk" at reasonable prices. Success rates for 6x6 trophies have remained greater than 95 percent over the past years with numerous heavy - horned 7x6, 7x7 and 7x8 trophies taken. These success rates are a product of the large population of Asian Wapiti and our foremost arrangements. This hunt is obviously the greatest hunting bargain you could hope to find around the world. Permits are limited and this package sells out rapidly each year.
Mongolian Elk & Siberian Ibex
This combination hunts for ibex and elk in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia have gained rapid popularity among the sportsmen for the last few years. These fall hunts enjoy the advantage of the rut for the elk and more pleasant weather. It’s an excellent arrangement for combining Asia's two premier trophies. Success rates have remained greater than 95 percent over the past 5 years.
Elk & Siberian Roe Deer
These hunts offer an excellent way to collect prime quality trophies of bull elk and roe deer. This combo hunt has been developed into some of the most popular hunts in Asia. These hunts are very attractively priced compared to similar hunts elsewhere in the world.