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About Us
Mongolei Reisen GmbH provides the finest quality Big Game Hunting, Wingshooting, Fishing and Adventure Safaris in Mongolia. The exclusive hunting safaris which we offer carefully tailored for discerning sportsmen. Our Hunts are conducted in traditional Mongolian fashion with cozy ger camps, highly skilled and experienced Professional Hunters and Local Guides, skinners, drivers and camp chefs. The team effort of our fulltime staff will ensure that every aspect of your safari from arrival to departure unfolds exactly as planned.
Providing "that special touch" which only decades of experience can offer and our permanent will to cover "that extra mile" to make your hunt most memorable safari of your lifetime, we remain true to our mission "Excellence to Exceed Expectations!" Our hunting camps are uncompromising in quality, superbly equipped and comfortable. Stocked with good food and selection of available wines and spirits, you will appreciate variety of Mongolian and Western dishes in your ger after a long day in mountains.
Our Ulaanbaatar headquarters, is the base from where out experienced managers oversee the progress of your hunt. We provide reliable and efficient logistical support for you while you are hunting and ensure that your trophies are expertly cared for and ready for you to take home.
As the true Leader of the adventure and sports safaris in Mongolia, we are truly committed the conservation of Mongolia's unique wildlife. We are proud to be the most active sponsor and participant of Argali Sheep, Ibex and Mongolian Elk and other Outdoor Conservation projects in Mongolia throughout the years. In conjunction with your hunting safari, Mongolei Reisen GmbH will plan an unforgettable experience for you and your family as you explore and share more of our country. We invite you to explore and share the wonders of Mongolia, its true essence, its magic and mystery with us.
About Mongolia
Mongolia – A Snapshot
Located in the landlocked plateau between Russian Siberian and the plains of northern China, Mongolia makes a geographically and culturally dramatic impression. Within this enchanting country's borders, you can experience boundless wonders of nature. Mongolia's pristine mountains, unspoiled Gobi desert and sweeping grasslands are home to a vast natural heritage. The wildlife includes show leopards, wild horses and camels, Gobi bears, wildsheep and goats, gazelles, antelope and more. The crystal clear rivers and astonishingly blue lakes are abundant with fish and hundreds of species of endemic and migrating birds. If you are in search of a retreat or a creative charge, you will surely find it in the peace and serenity of Mongolia's Buddhist culture and the warm traditions of the nomadic lifestyle.
Why Hunt With Us

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The tradition of hunting in Mongolia goes back into the history. Mongolians always loved and respected hunting. All Mongolians, simple nomads or great khans alike, including the Great Chinghis Khan who ruled the largest empire on the earth, were either passionate hunters or greatly respected hunters and hunting. The tradition has changed very little over those 800 of years since the time of Great Mongolian Empire. We are a land of nomadic horsemen, an ancient culture, unspoiled wilderness and above all, friendly people. The tradition of welcoming the traveler has been an essential element of our heritage for as long as Mongolia has existed.
Landlocked between Russia and China, Mongolia is a country of unlimited hunting possibilities. In contrast to the crowded Asian countries, we have 2.6 million people, with a density of only about 3 people per square mile. High mountains, endless steppes, arid desert and crystal - clear lakes are all part of the Mongolia you will enjoy. The hunting and fishing experiences are varied as the species you will encounter.
Since we first conceived idea of starting our company, our goal has been to constantly improve and perfect each and every hunter's outdoor experience. Our goal remains simply: to Exceed the Expectations! After fifteen years of hunting in Mongolia and over 5,000 hunts and outdoor expeditions later, we are proud to say that no other safaris or hunting operator throughout Asia has had more experience conducting successful, enriching hunting programs.
Mongolei Reisen is proud to be a member of the following organizations:
Safari Club International   Grand Slam Club Ovis   International Professional Hunter's Association
We are committed to the conservation of Mongolia's unique wildlife and its environmentally sound, sustainable use programs. We are proud members and partners of the Argali Sheep Foundation of Mongolia and the Save the Gobi Bear Foundation.
Save the Gobi Bear   Argali Sheep Foundation
As one of the largest and experienced hunting operators in Asia, we maintain or own camps un the best hunting areas, the most extensive fleet of vehicles, and even our own hotels. Our managers, interpreters and guides are well trained and will accompany and assist you throughout your hunt. Your comfort and safety is always our top concern. Our own professional cooks from our hotels in Ulaanbaatar will do their best to serve Western - style cooking along with the local cuisine of your choice.
Discover the land of Chinghis Khan, and some of the finest, safest hunting on earth today.
Community Development

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In order to conserve wildlife, we must also assist in conserving the welfare of the people who live in the remote areas. Mongolei Reisen is proud of it's commitment in serving and helping the communities that in our areas. Education and health care are most important points on our agenda in our community development programs. Mongolei Reisen has over the last two years contributed towards the buildings of community center in one of the units of Sagil county, Uvs province, aided the elder people in Sagil county (in form of gifts) during traditional Lunar Calendar New Year festival and donated to educational cause in Ulziit county of Middle Gobi province. During 2005 and 2006 we are planning install water well in Ulziit county, Middle Gobi province. Health and conservation education are being provided and performed in all our areas of operation. Our innovative, pragmatic and result oriented conservation programs have all resulted and continue to provide benefit to the people in these areas.
Before You Go
For hunters coming to Mongolia for the first time, there are many unanswered questions. To make your hunting game a truly good and well - prepared one, here are the answers to all those questions. All the information contained herein is given in good faith and has been carefully compiled. Please read this information thoroughly now, as there are certain things which must be checked and attended to in advance of departure. And of course, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may still have. Mongolia Safari will provide you with more detailed information package for your questions.
Access to Mongolia
The visitors arrive to Mongolia by air through Buyant Ukhaa International Airport located 18 km to the southwest of Ulaanbaatar. Been reconstructed in 1990, immigration and customs formalities as well as luggage delivery are very prompt. The international air transport is operated by MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Korean Airline, Air China (China Airlines) and Aeroflot. There are two possibilities to enter Mongolia by airway:
From North America
  • The easiest way to travel to Mongolia from North America is through Seoul, South Korea. MIAT and KAL (Korean Airlines) have daily flights. Also flying through Beijing, China is easy. There are almost daily flights from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, operated by MIAT and Air China.
From Europe
  • from Berlin (twice weekly flights) to Ulaanbaatar direct with MIAT (Mongolian Airlines)
  • from Europe to Moscow and to Ulaanbaatar with Aeroflot (Russian Airline)
  • from Europe to Beijing with the major foreign companies and then to Ulaanbaatar with MIAT (Mongolian Airlines) or Air China (Chinese Airline)
Your guide will welcome at the Buyant Ukhaa airport Ulaanbaatar and help to get through all the customs formalities; and chauffeured car/jeep will transfer you to you hotel in the center of Ulaanbaatar.
Currently, US citizen visiting Mongolia for leisure purposes do not need to obtain a visa prior to arrival. However, transit visas are required for China and may be applicable for Russia. As requirements occasionally change, we will assist you in determining any visa requirements at the time of your booking.
Both traditional Mongolian and European cuisine is provided. Arrangements can be made for vegetarians and those with special dietary needs with advance notice. Hot and cold beverages are included wth all meals. Alcoholic beverage are available at an additional request.
Classical music, national opera, dance and ballet performances, folk concerts, cultural shows and circus performances are available upon request.
Firearms permit
Firearms permit will be arranged in advance for your convenience to enter China and further into Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan - your hunting destinations.
Transfers upon arrival and departure are provided if required. All land transportation and domestic flights are included.
The official language is Mongolian, which today is written in cyrillic charactes. Russian, English and Japanese remain the most widely spoken languages.
U.S. dollars are accepted throughout Mongolia, along with the local Mongolian currency known as Tugriks. Travelers checks can be exchanged for cash at commercial banks. Hotels and major shops accept common credit cards such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. It is pssible to obtain a cash advance from your Visa or MasterCard at commercial banks and ATMs in the city.
Placing an international call from Mongolia, including province and county centers, is very easy. Cellular phone coverage is now available in Ulaanbaatar city and all province centers. Satellite phone service is available at some of our camps. You will be able to access the Internet while in Ulaanbaatar city and in province centers.
Medical Information
No specific immunizations are required for entry to Mongolia. China requires vaccination against yellow fever for hunters arriving from many countries in Africa and South America. Details are available from the Center for Disease Control and Preventation at (404) 332-4555 or (404) 639-1610 or visit their website.
Time and Electricity
Local time in Ulaanbaatar is GMT +8 hours. Mongolia observes daylight savings time in the summer months.
Electricity in Mongolia is generally at 220 volts AC, therefore, for most 110 appliances you will need both an adapter for the proper plug configuration and a converter for the correct current.
Time is allowed for shopping in Ulaanbaatar and at the tourist camp. There are many duty free shops where convertible currencies are acceptable. Wide range of goods may be bought for foreign currency at favorable prices - typical Mongolia souvenirs, wines, furs, garments in cashmere, camel wool blankets, national costumes, boots, jewelry, carpets, books records, horns, etc. In all other local shops local currency must be used.